Cool World Photography was created in 2004 when owner Paul Cunningham decided to pick up a camera and start photographing musicians & objects.

As a well known photographer in the central Ohio area Paul created a style all his own and gained new clients after clients all over the country. Paul always saw himself a little cartoonish & surreal. This is where the name Cool World came from. The 1992 cult classic film “Cool World” starring Brad Pitt & Kim Basinger. (A mix of real life & a toon world.)

Move ahead several years later and Cool World has become the go-to place for all your cool video projects. Specializing in music videos & commercial videos Cool World still creates stunning photographs for certain artists/musicians as well as some commercial work too.
Time-lapse photography is another thing Cool World has been doing over the last few years. Capturing the inside of a warehouse being built with racks & conveyors, a building being erected or a grand outdoor patio for a residential home.

Need a production crew for your next film? Look no further. Paul has a great crew for your documentary or feature/short film.