Music Videos

Creating a music video for any artist can be a challenge. That’s only because we try and create something different from one project to the next. Wether you’re looking for a simple performance video or an elaborate setup with a story and visualFX we can do it!

We work with some of the best equipment in the business and have our hands close to anything your project needs. We own a RED Scarlet-Weapon 5K Cinema camera and have the ability to create 2D & 3D animations/motion graphics as well as visualFX for big projects.

The biggest asset is when choosing Cool World to create your next music video is that Paul, the owner of Cool World has been a professional musician for many years, touring the states and still writing and recording all over the the country. So he gets it! He’s very much in tune with the artists and not only shoots and directs the videos but does most of the editing to ensure your video fits harmoniously with the song.